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Welcome to Village Verde, a groundbreaking, 480-acre, mixed-use community in northwest Oklahoma City. Much more than just another subdivision, Village Verde is like a city unto itself. A New American Village where Oklahomans of all ages, from all backgrounds, can come together to live, work, shop, play…and more. 

Village Verde offers a stylish Town Center. You can easily walk there from any of the more than 1000 surrounding residences and businesses. This small-town ease is accompanied by an air of old world sophistication. Yet it's designed with innovative, sustainable principles. With 100+ acres of planned open space, parks and trails, Village Verde encourages an active lifestyle. So come be a part of a real community.    

Come live the Verde Way.   


About Us

Village Verde first came to life in 2006.  At that time, a plan was developed for the 480 acres in partnership with the School Land Trust of Oklahoma.  The result is a wonderful community that has also provided income for the State of Oklahoma's public school system.  The community is designed and built in an environmentally-conscious way, and serves as a western gateway to Oklahoma City.

The team is made up of local hardworking partners with extensive experience in real estate, home building, land development, and "green" consultancy.  


The team is passionate about providing quality communities for individuals and families to proudly call home.

Village Verde's operations is led by Kelly Parker, General Manager, President of Guaranteed Watt Saver, a provider of Energy Efficiency Engineering and Building Science Consulting.  Other members include Matt McGuire, Manager of McGuire Homes; J. Scott Bryan, Principal, Arena Investing Capital; Josh Walker, Principal, Arena Investing Capital, and Ross Lowery.

About Us

Master Plan

Before Village Verde’s developers ever began to put their vision on paper, they asked themselves one simple question about Central Oklahoma’s real estate offerings: “What’s missing?” 

Instead of choosing to build more of the same, they chose to make Village Verde the most unique project in the state. That’s why Village Verde is a unique blend of residential, commercial and community spaces that not only sustain one another, but are also built sustainably.

Village Verde offers a wide range of residential offerings, from single family homes and condos, to live-work spaces and senior housing. Our commercial offerings include retail and restaurants, office space, medical space and even industrial space. Village Verde’s free parks, trails and playgrounds help to round out our “village vibe”.

Master Plan



With varying lot sizes available for single family homes, condos, townhomes, live-work spaces and senior housing, Village Verde truly has something for everyone. 

Whether  “living your life your way” means hitting a concert in the park with the family, heading out for an afternoon of shopping with friends, or taking a stroll to dinner or the grocery –  at Village Verde, you can do it all without ever leaving the comfort and convenience of your own neighborhood. 

Plus, Village Verde’s homes are priced so buyers can leave something in the monthly budget to enjoy all the things the Town Center has to offer.



The success of any village depends upon its ability to sustain itself, and Village Verde is the most sustainable development in the state. It’s by design.

At Village Verde, we envision a thriving community with thousands of residents enjoying an old-fashioned lifestyle of modern convenience. Shopping, eating, working, playing and doing business is as simple as taking a stroll down the street. Everything you need to live your life your way, right at your doorstep.

Imagine a restaurant where everybody knows your name; a dry cleaner that picks up at your home; boutiques that cater to your particular style.



The desire to live a more active lifestyle has been growing in Oklahoma for years. Our Mayor even recently put our entire City on a diet! But until now, little has been done to encourage a more kinetic lifestyle especially so close to one’s own home.

Village Verde offers more than 100 acres of planned open space, concert venues, farmers markets, trails, parks, playgrounds, ponds and more to keep you moving, once you "make the move." 
Hit Village Verde’s Central Park to walk the dog, enjoy a picnic, play horseshoes, bird watch, or just bring the family to take in a stunning Oklahoma sunset.

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