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About Us

Village Verde first came to life in 2006 when the principals developed a plan for these 480 acres, in partnership with the School Land Trust of Oklahoma. As a result, Village Verde provides income for the State of Oklahoma’s public school system, will be built in an environmentally-conscious way, and serve as a western gateway to Oklahoma City. 

The team is made up of local, hardworking partners with extensive, cumulative experience in land development, home building, senior housing, commercial development and “green” consultancy.

Village Verde is led by Kelly Parker, General Manager, President of Guaranteed Watt Saver, a provider of Energy Efficiency Engineering and Building Science Consulting.

Learn more about Village Verde by watching this video!


Village Verde is in Northwest Oklahoma City, just west of the new Kilpatrick Turnpike on NW Expressway, between Mustang Road and Piedmont Road/Hwy 4. Village Verde’s Town Center offers a wide range of choices for working, playing, shopping, eating, and more, all within walking distance of more than 1000 newly-built homes. 

Village Verde is just minutes from major corporate employment centers and the multitude of restaurants, retail and other businesses along NW Expressway. We’re less than 10 minutes from the booming Memorial Road Medical Corridor, and only 20 minutes from Downtown OKC and Will Rogers World Airport.

Village Verde is serviced by two highly-regarded public school systems, Yukon and Piedmont. 


Sustainability isn’t all about going green. Sustain just means “support”. So when we say sustainability, we’re talking about having everything you need to support a community…or in our case, a village. But when we do talk about being “green”, we can honestly say that Village Verde is leading the pack. Our master plan includes sustainability practices such as:

Green Community: Designed & engineered by Green Earth Land Design and SMC Consulting Engineers, P.C., Village Verde will be applying for NAHB’s National Green Land Development certification to ensure our plan conforms to green development practices.

Energy Efficiency: All home builders will be required to achieve a third party certification proving energy efficiency.  This will in turn save the consumer money in operating costs, but also reduce the demands on the planet.

Walkability:  Having walking trails and connecting sidewalks helps promote health, a community and reduces automobile use


Mixed-uses: With direct access to commercial, retail and medical basic services, the distance one needs to travel is greatly reduced as well as encouraging walking and biking.


Civic Spaces: Areas such as Village Verde’s Central park, pocket parks, playgrounds, and ponds encourage activity outdoors.


Water Efficiencies: By using WaterSense approved fixtures all homes will reduce waste and promote conservation.

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